Law of the Antebellum Frontier – Seminar Papers

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Business Formation for the Frontier’s Resources: A Comparison of American & Canadian Fur Companies, By: John Richter

Down at the Mills: The Great Coralville Mill Explosion of 1875, By: Andrew Benjamin

Henry Rowe Schoolcraft: Indian Agent, By: Lyndsey Kaufman

Henry Schoolcraft’s Life, Works, and Influence on American Indian Policy, By: Fangzhou Ping

His Own Private War: Lord Selkirk, The Red River Settlement, and the Trial of Charles De Reinhard, By: James McDonald

Land Rights, Lead Rights, and Life with the Mines: A Logistical Look at the Galena, Illinois and Its Surrounding Lead Mines, By: Abby Van Harpen

Menard's Influence on the Institution of Slavery in the Northwest Territory Through Litigation and Political Advocacy, By: Jamil L. Gill

Now It’s Personal: The Death of Rice Jones as Told Through Letters, By: Allison Schmidt

Tale as Old as Time: Captivity Myths, Legends and the Truth, By: Ingrid Sensor

Tecumseh v. Black Hawk: Déjà vu All Over Again?, By: Aaron Lindebak

The Commerce Clause versus the 13th Amendment And How It Affects Child Labor Regulation, By: Jake Burgers

The Dakota War of 1862: How Government Bad Faith and Inaction Caused a Violent Conflict, By: Kate Bechen

The Fellow Servant Rule: A Well Established Rule with an Un-established Origin Can Only Lead to Unexplained Tension, By: James Colwell

The High Cost of Maintaining Order: The Regulator-Flathead War in Southern Illinois, 1846-1850, By: Timothy Hau

The Industrial Revolution and Poor-Relief Reformation: A Connected History, By: Andrew Randone

The Kansas-Missouri Border War – 1854-1861, By: Jonathon Hendricks

The Occupation of America: How to Conquer a Continent Through Immigration, By: Nicholas Gefaller

The Story of Nancy, A Free Woman of Color, By: Jordan Esbrook

Translation Please? Investigating the Mixed Legal and Social Status of Metis, By: Hannah Fordyce

Treachery, Hospitality, and Economic Enterprise: Early Nineteenth Century Tavern Culture in Southern Illinois, By: Jennifer Terry

Utopia Lost: How Robert Owen and Frances Wright were Ahead of their Time, By: Joshua Coronado-Moses